(Ukrainian: Анатолій Кирилович Кінах) (born August 4, 1954) is a Ukrainian politician and honorary professor at the Mykolaiv Government Humanitarian University. Kinakh is a People's Deputy of Ukraine in the 6th convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament. Kinakh currently serves as the leader of Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine which supports the opposition Party of Regions.[2]
Previously, Kinakh was a Prime Minister from 2001-2002 under President Leonid Kuchma, a first vice-Prime Minister, and a Minister of Economics of Ukraine.


Anatoliy Kinakh was born in the village of Brătuşeni in the Moldavian SSR (now Moldova) on August 4, 1954. In 1978, he graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute as a shipbuilding engineer. After finishing his higher education, Kinakh started his engineering career at the Tallinn shipyard. From 1981 he worked at the Mykolaiv plant "Ocean".
In April 1990, he was elected to the Ukrainian parliament the Verkhovna Rada. There he worked on a committee dealing with economic reforms. In 1992, Kinakh was appointed as a representative of the President in the Mykolaiv Oblast (province) of southern Ukraine. In 1995, Anatoliy Kinakh was appointed Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Yevhen Marchuk concerned with industrial affairs.

Political career before 2004

In early 1990s, Mr. Kinakh held several posts in the local government of Mykolayiv Oblast. From 1995 to 1996 Kinakh was the Minister of Industrial Policy.
Commonly known as an indecisive, but competent, technocrat, Anatoliy Kinah was appointed as the Prime Minister of Ukraine from May 29, 2001 to November 21, 2002.[3] His reasonably popular cabinet was unexpectedly dismissed by President Leonid Kuchma.

In 2002, he was elected to Verkhovna Rada on the list of the electoral bloc of parties "For United Ukraine."

Political career since 2004

In the 2004 presidential election Anatoliy Kinakh was a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine, nominated by the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, which he has chaired since 2000. A particular feature of his election program is a pro-Ukrainian choice in foreign policy, saying that entry to the European Union should not be a barrier to the development of relationships with all Commonwealth of Independent States countries as well as with Russia.

During the election campaign, Kinakh publicly broke ties with government-backed candidate and then Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych by declaring that no criminal can hold the post of President of Ukraine. He later took an active part in the Orange Revolution on the side of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko (who was elected President).
Kinakh was number two on the electoral list of the pro-presidential bloc Our Ukraine during the 2006 parliamentary election.

In March 2007, he became the Minister of Economics in the cabinet of Viktor Yanukovych against the wish of the Our Ukraine bloc.[4] The Our Ukraine faction then decided to expel Anatoliy Kinakh from the faction and President Viktor Yushchenko ordered his removal from the National Security and Defense Council.[5]
At the early parliamentary elections parliamentary on September 30, 2007, his party participated in the elections together with the Yanukovych-led Party of Regions.[6][7]